Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dance Hair

We've been experimenting with hairdos, trying to find a good, easy way to curl her hair for the recital. I did some googling and I have to say, Thank God for the internet! I learned so much! I found some awesome blogs that give all kinds of hair ideas with step-by-step instructions and even videos! I only wish I had found these five years ago! She's almost too old for lots of these styles.

In case you're interested
From these you can find many others...
So after doing all my research, we did her hair like this for Thursday night's practice:

Adorable. But after an hour of practice, no more curls. Yep, she defintely has my hair:

So, we did some more research and tried this last night:

First some crazy buns:

She didn't sleep very well,

"like sleeping on rocks".

And this morning:

Umm, ya.

Well, it definitely stayed all day!:

Yikes. Well, something in between I think.....

Sorry for the weird layout of this post. Blogger doesn't like that many pics... Can't wait to see what it looks like when I actually post it. My blog is narrower. It should be a hot mess. Sorry, but I'm leaving it. =)


VickeyMichelle said...

I really like the first one!!!! With the flowery thing!

the girls' moma said...

I love the hairstyles! We too are in recital season. My girls had to wear their hair in ponytails, so I didn't worry as much about their hair as I did their makeup. And I didn't even THINK about googling the stage makeup, although I bet I could have gotten some good tips! I'm totally going to check out those hair blogs, though... I do the same things in the girls' hair all the time!

Kayla is so beautiful! It's a good thing she has so many brothers to protect her!