Friday, June 05, 2009

Count down to the recital!

And the count is 2 weeks!

Here are some shots of picture night last week. I ran out of time with Kayla so couldn't get a "finished product" picture before we had to leave. And Jake wasn't ready either, but it gives you an idea of his costume. He's in Hip Hop this year and doing two dances and the opening number as well. I'm proud of him for being so brave & doing three dances for his first recital! Kayla is doing three, too, but this is her third recital. She's an old pro. She's doing Tap and Jazz this year.

They're getting excited and a little nervous. But their dancing has really improved this year! Kayla's more graceful and Jake has really picked up on rhythm!

I'll post some pictures of Kayla's costumes later...

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VickeyMichelle said...

Love Kayla's hair!