Saturday, July 25, 2009

Finally! a new backdrop.

After looking at so many cute blogs, I'm FINALLY starting to learn how to make mine a little more personal. Not sure if I like this design enough to keep it very long, but at least it's a nice change from the blah templates blogger offers...

Friday, July 17, 2009

More Dance

These pics are from Photo Happy in Minden, NV. Sorry Diana! Everyone, please don't copy them! I just want to share with everyone who isn't nearby. She's also started uploading action shots from the recital for everyone to see. I haven't had much luck with zooming in on the individual pictures yet, but it may just be my computer.
That said, I can move on with my post!
We just finished our first week of summer classes. Tuesday, Kayla had her Tap 2 class with the same teacher she's had the last two years. She moved her up to Tap 3 but wanted her to do Tap 2 as well this summer to give her a little more confidence. I'm glad she did. For once, the steps came easily and she was head of the class. She usually takes classes with the girls on the competition team and they always catch on to things so quickly. Of course, that's because they've had so much experience! It was nice for Kayla not to have to compete with that for once.
After that, Andy and Wes tried Hip Hop for the first time. Andy was really nervous. He didn't want to mess up and look stupid. I think it's his age (12 1/2). Wes was just excited. They both did great and really enjoyed it! It will be nice for the summer. Then Wes will begin football and Andy may or may not stick with it. Jake will definitely do another year. He loves it. This coming fall he will be moved up to Kids Hip Hop 2. More stunts. He's excited.
Then, Thursday Kayla had Tap 3/4. They combined the two levels since they didn't have enough sign ups and he just works with the younger ones a little more. Here's the real purpose of my post. Tap 3/4. This was her first class with her new teacher. He's 17 and an AMAZING tap dancer. He's also a sweet kid. Super creative with his choreography, too. His style of teaching is going to be a little hard for Kayla to adjust to. She's getting up there in ability and needs a challenge, so I'm glad he's tough. I think she would get bored if she did the same class again. But, after about 10 minutes she was red faced and sweaty. Then she started losing her good attitude and began tearing up. By the end she came to me crying, telling me she couldn't feel her legs and she didn't want to do tap anymore!
Ok, now don't get me wrong. He's NOT some crazy Nazi Tap instructor. He's actually really good with his students and they all love him. And they really learn to dance with him. He just doesn't let them catch their breath. "5,6,7,8. And again. Again. Again. Again...." She literally did an hour of constant movement, (with maybe five minutes worth of breaks to get water). And the steps aren't easy. And they're fast!! He focuses a lot on the performance instead of the steps. He's seems like a lot of fun. But, she's used to a much more mellow class, with lots of one on one, which means lots of standing around waiting her turn, too. This class was crazy. He definitely makes the most out of his hour! He told me after class that she was doing great and to tell her not to get discouraged. It was very sweet.
She did so great! I was so proud. Despite the fact that she was exhausted, she kept up with the other girls. She even did the steps right! In the past, when it gets too fast for her, she fakes the steps. She didn't do that this time. She also worked through and finished the whole class without quitting. And she really only cried in front of me. Although she was tearing up in class.
I thought she was crying because the steps were hard, but she said it was just because her muscles hurt and she was tired. She even begged me to go home and let her skip her Jazz class that was next. I didn't let her skip and I'm glad I didn't. Jazz helped stretch her out and cool her down. It also helped mellow her out. By the end of Jazz she seemed back to her normal cheerful self. Immediately following class, she went home with her friend and stayed the night. I haven't had a chance to talk to her yet. Which of course left me lots of time to try and decide how I want to deal with this.
I don't want to ever be that parent that forces their kid to do activities they don't enjoy. But I also don't want to teach her that it's ok to quit something when it gets hard! Plus, I know if she sticks with it she will have a real sense of accomplishment and she'll learn so much. And this is her only chance to learn from this guy. This will be his last year teaching. So tough! What to do? I guess I'll just see how she's feeling when she gets home. She'll be easier to talk to when she's not all upset. I know she will get used to the pace. Boy!, she'll be in great shape! Also, she has two friends in the class with her. And everyone's tired. So she's not going through it alone.
I called over to her friend's house this morning and they said she was fine last night. No complaints that anything hurt. So I'm thinking she may have been more tired and overwhelmed than anything else. I guess we'll see in a minute. She's due home soon...

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

I love Hair Blogs

Need I say more?

The 4th of July one was supposed to look like this, but as I got into it, I realized her hair wasn't long enough! Bummer. So, we improvised!

See my old post for some links.

Awesome Recital!

I think we've finally recovered, at least a little, from recital week. It went great! My kids were so amazing.

Kayla has finally learned to smile and looked relaxed and like she's having fun while on stage! Yay, no more terrified concentration faces. aka 'the face'! She is looking so graceful. Made me want to spend all my money and sign her up for every class! Too bad it's so expensive.

Jake did amazing for his first recital! He didn't seem very nervous beforehand and he did great. Only one of his three routines I noticed 'the face'! ;) He remembered all his moves and didn't look too lost most of the time. He's had a harder time than Kayla because he's a boy and a short one at that, so they were always putting him in the front. Great for us, but tough for him because he couldn't watch the older kids to remember the steps.
Makeup and hair. I know, wow eye makeup. But, stage makeup is always dark. After this week she actually asked me when she could wear makeup. Um, she's 11 next week. Ya, not. I love how her curls turned out!
Sorry I don't have any closeups of Jake. He wasn't really interested in getting pictures taken with mascara and lip gloss on!
I don't have any pictures or video yet of the actual recital. I was good and respected their request that we not take picture or video. We purchased them from the photographer. We're hoping to have them next week. I'll also post the studio portraits as soon as I get them all.