Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Hi Again!

Ok, I think I'm getting the picture thing down. I'll take some shots of the kids soon and try to get them on here.

I think the hardest thing about this will be thinking of something half way interesting to write about on a pretty regular basis. My life isn't all that exciting. Although the kids give me inspiration. Andy is so sweet. One of the rooms in our new house is painted this great shade of yellow with pink trim. There is a border of flowers along the top of the walls. There's even a flower wall switch. It's absolutely adorable. Unfortunately, it's the biggest room in the house: the one we'll be putting two boys in! So, Andy, our oldest (8), tells me "It's ok. We like flowers." Isn't he a doll! Of course we're going to paint it. It just might take a month or two. Poor kids. I'm going to give them a complex or something.

The kids and I have started an indoor/outdoor garden. Meaning we planted seeds in planters and move them outside in the morning and indoors at night. It's still too cold for them to stay out all the time. The kids love it. We planted a cherry tomato plant and some flowers. It's amazing how something so simple can be so exciting for kids. They all check on the growth every day and remind me to water them. Thank God for kids! Without them the plants would be dead by now! I have such a black thumb!

Better run. I'll try to think of something more interesting next time. I'll also get to work on some current pictures. Hope everyone is well!

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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Starting Our Blog

Hi Everyone,
We decided to join the blog world. I've had such fun reading everyones posts. It's a really easy way to keep in touch.

I guess I'll bring everyone up to speed on our lives. Since Phil and I got married in November we've had a lot of fun learning how we work as a family. The kids fight like crazy but miss each other when they're apart. It's pretty cute. They're even protective of each other at school. Kayla has fit right in at her new school. We'd been going to church with Phil and the boys for half a year or so before we got married and she had met some kids from the area. Luckily there is a little girl in her class that she knew from church and they have become instant best friends. Emma has even gotten Kayla involved in the Awana club (a church based youth group for kids where they earn patches similar to girl scouts). She has been a real blessing. Kayla loves her new life.

Last month we took the kids to Disneyland. It was great! None of the kids had ever been so it was very exciting for everyone. They even went on some big kid rides. All four of them went on Indiana Jones and everyone (except Kayla) went on the Matterhorn. We had a lot of fun. We completely wore those kids out. We met up with some of Phil's relatives and spent an entire day exploring the park and getting to know them better. It was exhausting but fun!

Recently we decided we needed more space, since we are living in a 1245 square foot house with three boys in one bedroom. We threw around the idea of adding a second floor but decided against it because we didn't want to have to live in chaos during our first year of marriage. So a feww weeks ago we put our house on the market and started looking for something bigger. We were very limited because we didn't want to have to change the kids' school. To make a long story short, God came through and we had a full price offer on our house in six days. To make life even better, the day we got that offer a house on our street went on the market. It was perfect - four bedrooms, extra living space with vaulted ceilings and a big kitchen. It was also well within our price range. We made a full price offer and we are currently in escrow with both houses. We won't be moving until the end of June but we are very excited!

Well I hope everyone is doing well. Please pass this blog on to anyone who might be interested. Talk to everyone soon!