Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Hi Again!

Ok, I think I'm getting the picture thing down. I'll take some shots of the kids soon and try to get them on here.

I think the hardest thing about this will be thinking of something half way interesting to write about on a pretty regular basis. My life isn't all that exciting. Although the kids give me inspiration. Andy is so sweet. One of the rooms in our new house is painted this great shade of yellow with pink trim. There is a border of flowers along the top of the walls. There's even a flower wall switch. It's absolutely adorable. Unfortunately, it's the biggest room in the house: the one we'll be putting two boys in! So, Andy, our oldest (8), tells me "It's ok. We like flowers." Isn't he a doll! Of course we're going to paint it. It just might take a month or two. Poor kids. I'm going to give them a complex or something.

The kids and I have started an indoor/outdoor garden. Meaning we planted seeds in planters and move them outside in the morning and indoors at night. It's still too cold for them to stay out all the time. The kids love it. We planted a cherry tomato plant and some flowers. It's amazing how something so simple can be so exciting for kids. They all check on the growth every day and remind me to water them. Thank God for kids! Without them the plants would be dead by now! I have such a black thumb!

Better run. I'll try to think of something more interesting next time. I'll also get to work on some current pictures. Hope everyone is well!

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Leah said...


Hi - this is your cousin Leah. I like your blog! I'm right there with you on the black thumb thing... my plants have to be pretty hardy to survive!

Congrats on the new house! Hopefully I'll talk to/see you soon.