Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Awesome Recital!

I think we've finally recovered, at least a little, from recital week. It went great! My kids were so amazing.

Kayla has finally learned to smile and looked relaxed and like she's having fun while on stage! Yay, no more terrified concentration faces. aka 'the face'! She is looking so graceful. Made me want to spend all my money and sign her up for every class! Too bad it's so expensive.

Jake did amazing for his first recital! He didn't seem very nervous beforehand and he did great. Only one of his three routines I noticed 'the face'! ;) He remembered all his moves and didn't look too lost most of the time. He's had a harder time than Kayla because he's a boy and a short one at that, so they were always putting him in the front. Great for us, but tough for him because he couldn't watch the older kids to remember the steps.
Makeup and hair. I know, wow eye makeup. But, stage makeup is always dark. After this week she actually asked me when she could wear makeup. Um, she's 11 next week. Ya, not. I love how her curls turned out!
Sorry I don't have any closeups of Jake. He wasn't really interested in getting pictures taken with mascara and lip gloss on!
I don't have any pictures or video yet of the actual recital. I was good and respected their request that we not take picture or video. We purchased them from the photographer. We're hoping to have them next week. I'll also post the studio portraits as soon as I get them all.

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VickeyMichelle said...

They both did awesome!!! and the new background looks great.