Friday, May 04, 2007

I'm free!

As of today, I am no longer a slave to that terrible little counter that is the camera department! I will no longer have to pay attention to those horrible pages with that screeching voice telling me some impatient person needs to pay a very late power bill. I will never have to give my opinion about what movie someone should rent because they don't feel like taking the time to read the back of the freaking box. I no longer have to listen to the b.s. stories about a movie skipping or stopping because they don't want to pay their very small late fee. I no longer have to look up the perfect seat for a terrible concert of some band I've never heard of, which only reminds me of how old I'm getting. I no longer have to hand over a photo developing order that is horribly poor quality due to an ancient machine that no one wants to spend money to fix and hope they don't get angry at me because their pictures are slightly green. I no longer have to pretend I don't know that I'm being called "Princess" behind my back and force myself to be friendly to those coworkers. I will no longer have to ring up that annoying old man for flowers. And, I will no longer worry about having to fight for my hours.

As of today, I will have my own office. I will make my own schedule. I will work with one very nice, mellow girl. I will work more closely with the managers I adore. I will hide away in my little hole and not have to tell every Joe Schmo where the bathroom is. I will work with numbers and computers. I will leave work every day promptly at 12:30, some days earlier if I feel like it. I will have more time to spend with my kids and more time to work on my garden and my house. But, I will have to go to bed at seven and get out of bed at three am. Small sacrafice to make for such a huge stress relief.

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