Thursday, May 17, 2007

Almost 9

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Wow, I thought I couldn't take a good portrait with my new digital. Guess that's not true. I had kind of regretted not getting a digital SLR, but now I'm thinking I like the new camera! Can you believe how grown up she looks? We french braided her hair after her bath and the next morning voila! Curls! Ok, so she has a fro when compared to her normal hair. And, some of the kids at school teased her. But, when she told me about it, I told her not to listen to other people. If she liked it, that was all that mattered. Do you know what she said? She told me she agreed with me and she thinks the girls at school will start copying her hair! Do I have a little trend setter on my hands?How cute is that? So, the next night we did it again! And tonight, the same. I'm going to get a lot of practice!

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