Saturday, April 28, 2007

Our morning with Andy and Kayla

So, we only had Andy and Kayla this weekend. We decided to split up and have a little mother/daughter, father/son time. Kayla and I went to her Awana leader, Linda's house to learn about horses and Phil and Andy went dirt biking.

Linda had a bunch of girls over to teach them a little about caring for horses. She scheduled a vet visit and a farrier visit. The kids watched a demonstration from each guy. The farrier trimmed Fadina's hooves. (Fadina is a 13 year old Arabian). Then the vet showed the kids how to give vaccinations and let the kids give the horses their shots. Brave kids! The vet also filed (they call it floating) Sioux's teeth. (Sioux is a 31 year old Appaloosa. Linda also owns Cannon, a 28 year old Arabian). Kayla had a great time. She seems very comfortable around horses. All three of Linda's horses are very sweet, calm and friendly. They are also beautiful! She obviously takes very good care of them. Next Saturday Kayla and a few of her friends have been invited to go to Linda's again. This time they'll learn the more basic jobs of caring for a horse (brushing, feeding, etc.) and they might even get to ride! I'll post more pictures and video next week!

Andy and Phil had fun. I won't write much because I wasn't there. Andy told me he only crashed a few times. Great! They also saw a rattlesnake. They had some good quality guy time!

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