Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What was I thinking?

Poor kitty! He never cleans his back, maybe because he's a tad over weight. And I was telling my husband how easy it would be to just bring him in the shower (not on!) with me with a teeny bit of water and a cup and shampoo him really quick. Hey! They do it for cat shows! So now Mocha's pissed and I'm bleeding!

See those claws! He's so good natured. He never uses them. He lets the kids drag him around, Phil torments, I mean plays with him. He even puts up with an occasional visit from my parents' dog. He does not, however, like water. So now I know.

Look at that face! He hates me. Poor kitty! But now he smells like baby shampoo! And he's actually cleaning his back! Which was, by the way, the ONLY thing I managed to wash. And only with my husbands help and a lot of sweet talking and promises of treats. I did mention this cat is mellow, right? He lays back and lets my husband clip his claws like he's at a spa getting a manicure. But I guess even he has his limits! Just thought I'd share. Now I'm off to get some peroxide!

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Leah said...

I can honestly say I've never bathed a cat. I think even when my cat Hobbes came home completely covered in mud on one side I just dried him as best I could and let him handle it because I was afraid of the very thing you are dealing with. Ouch! Yeah, he doesn't exactly look thrilled in those pictures.