Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Ten Years Already?

I received an email yesterday from an old classmate inviting me to our ten year high school reunion. Has it really been ten years??! It has hit me recently that I will be thirty in a little over a year. Sixteen months to be exact. How has the time gone so quickly? I set a few goals when I turned 25 with my thirtieth birthday being the deadline. I better get moving! One of my goals, which I can happily say I have achieved, is going back to school. I have now taken classes for two and a half years. While I'm moving very slowly, I'm still moving. And working at my own pace helps me keep my grades up and still have time to spend with my family and work. One goal I haven't reached yet is world travel. I was determined to see Paris before I got too old to enjoy it. Well, that one may have to wait a while. There is a chance Phil and I will visit Italy soon. He has a friend stationed out there so we would have someone to stay with and show us around. So maybe...

Anyway, my reunion. I have mixed feelings about it. I'm sure I will go from sheer curiosity, however there are a few people I would rather not see again! Overall, I got along with everyone. But, there were those prize few who enjoyed embarrasing me and making my highschool experience less than perfect. Oh well, it's been ten years and I've gained enough self confidence to handle anything. Plus, Phil will be there. I'll enjoy showing off my adorable husband!

I promised I would fill you in on our escrow horrors so here it goes. Luckily everything worked out! We have been in escrow for over a month and just found out the people who were buying our house had lied about their cash offer. It turns out their own house was in escrow and they didn't tell us. Anyway, to make a long story short, their house fell out of escrow and after keeping us off the market for a month they wanted to renegotiate. It would mean taking another month and hoping they didn't fall out of escrow again. Anyway, our real estate lady chose to wait a few days before getting back to them and in the mean time found us other buyers. So, as it stands right now, our new buyers (who gave documentation supporting their cash offer) want to close escrow in a couple of weeks and we will still have everything finished almost a month before we close on our new house. In the mean time we'll rent our house back from the new owners. Praise God! It looks like we won't have to give up our house!

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