Thursday, May 26, 2005

Summer Fever

After a miserably cold snowy spring, the sun has finally decided to make an appearance. For three whole days so far! We went from highs in the 40's with rain, clouds, and more snow than any of us wanted to eighty degree weather! In a matter of a few days. Typical Tahoe weather. Looks like we got another year of going directly from winter to summer. I miss spring! It was 75 in Tahoe today and I couldn't keep myself inside. My boss had a huge plant delivery and thank God he wanted me to help check it in. Since we keep these outside I had a wonderful day at work! The kids are going stir crazy, too. They can't wait for school to be over. Four more weeks! As for my school, we finished last week and I am happy to start being lazy! Time to lounge around after work and read while the kids play at the park or in the backyard! I'm thrilled! I'll be taking the next semester off to give me time to get settled in our new house. So I have eight months to relax!

Well, our house will no longer be ours after the 2nd of June. Things are going well with the new buyers. I know because our realtor took the lockbox off our door and took down the for sale sign. Yay! We'll be renters again. At least for a month. I can't wait to get into the new house. It will be so fun to decorate!

Hope everyone is doing well. I'll post again soon when I have something more interesting to talk about. I'm still working on figuring out Phil's digital camera... I'm a procrastinator, sorry! Love to all!

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