Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Prayer Request

I'm sorry if I'm being repetitive. I've already sent out am email to everyone on my contact list. But I figured I may have some anonymous readers on my blog. 'Cause I'm such an active blogger, ya know! =)
Anyway, please pray for this little girl. Her story sure has hit me hard. Maybe it's because she is Kayla's age and it could very easily be us living through this nightmare. We saw her perform in "Godspell" the musical, only a month or so ago. She stole the show!
She was in LA, crossing a street with her Grandma and a car hit her at 30+mph. She has had some head trauma. For details, please read her family's website...
They are having a fundraising performance for her family on Sept. 5th, 7:00pm at Pau Wa Lu Middle School in Gardnerville. $15/ticket. Friends have also set up a bank account for her family. You can get the details on the family's website above.
First and foremost, please keep her and her family in your prayers. They need it right now.

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