Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A new addition to our family...

So, we gained a cat. This was not planned. She adopted us. We had a four day weekend so we took the kids to visit Phil's sister, Lori, in Redwood City (just south of San Francisco). We drove to Monterey and visited the aquarium, too. The kids enjoyed it. Anyway, when we got back we discovered this little kitty in our yard. She came running up to us meowing. She was very friendly and it was so cold out that we decided to let her inside for the night. (It was going to be in the teens that night and she would have frozen to death, especially with the snow). We took pictures and figured we'd try to find her home the next day. To make a long story short, we did everything we could to find her home. We put up flyers, contacted the animal shelters and local vets, Phil even put flyers at each door on our street and the immediate neighborhood. We had no takers. In the meantime she won us over. She is very lovey, and great with the kids. She is learning to get along with our other cat Smokey. He's a little intimidated by her (even though he outweighs her by 10 pounds!), but I think they'll be ok. She's been to the vet and they say she's healthy. They were surprised we couldn't find her home because she seemed so well cared for, definitely someone's pet. Oh, and one more possible surprise, they thought she might be pregnant. Boy, I hope not! They said her stomach was a little bigger than they would have expected, but they did an ultrasound and didn't see anything. We're hoping for the best! So, we named her Gabby because she's a talker. Oh, and she has this really scratchy, loud voice. Oh boy!

Anyway, that's been our excitement recently. Other than our house giving us grief, (a leaky ceiling caused by poor ventilation and condensation build up, and most recently, 3 inches of standing water beneath our home caused by all the rain lately and poor drainage in our landscaping), life is good. Oh, the joys of being a home owner!

Just wanted everyone to know we're still here. I haven't taken the time to sit down and blog for a while. Something new for me!

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the Girls' Moma said...

That is exactly how I came to own my cat, Oliver. I thought I'd find a home for this poor, sweet kitten, and I did--with me!

This was before the wedding and thank goodness John didn't mind gaining a wife AND a kitty!

Good to read your post.