Thursday, November 03, 2005

I'm A Slacker

Hi all,
I want to apologize for being a complete and utter slacker. For some reason the two or three minutes it takes to post on my blog has become too time consuming for me! Seriously, I check my email and read everyone's blogs almost daily. I, however, never seem to have the time to post. Sorry...

We had a fun holiday. The kids looked so cute. Kayla was a fairy princess, Andy was a ninja, Jake was Batman, and Wes was Spiderman. It was pretty cold so the kids had to bundle up. Not an easy task when your daughter's costume consists of her ballerina dress up clothes! Our neighborhood, specifically our street, was apparently the local hot spot for trick-or-treating. For about an hour and a half we hardly got our door closed before the doorbell rang again. I estimate we had about 40 kids stop by for treats. Our neighbors were very festive-lots of decorations. Our kids built a pumpkin man and sat him outside our front door. That's about all we did. It was fun. The kids had a blast running (literally) from door to door along our entire street. We all have stomach aches from all the candy lately. Yuck!

I have to end this post quickly. Kayla has been going to a youth group at our church on Thursday nights. It's called Awana's and she's really been enjoying it. They memorize bible verses and play games. She earns patches and things similar to girl scouts, but they are earned by learning verses. It's pretty neat. The boys have been going lately and seem to enjoy it, too. We pick them up from their mom's house and return them when it's over. She seems ok with it. I'm glad, it's a good experience for them. We all got to build pine box derby cars last weekend and they will be racing them soon. So, anyway, I have to run because Kayla needs to practice her verses.

I'll try to post more often! Love, Terri

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the Girls' Moma said...

Hi Terri! So glad to catch up with you guys. I'm glad you posted Halloween pics--what fun you guys must have had. So many superheroes to protect their princess! :)

My sister went to Awanas, I think, when she was in elementary school. It's such a well-developed program. I'm so glad your kids are enjoying it!

All my love to you and Phil and the kids!